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August 7, 2015 | Mobiles,Products


Choose to be unique

Motorola Moto X is Metal accents, colorful hues, real woods and leathers, and a customizable laser-etched signature offer thousands of ways to make your Moto X unique.



Beauty of HD Designed to last

The 1080p, 5.2″ HD display means videos, photos and everything else look their best. Durable Corning® Gorilla Glass and a water-resistant coating protect your phone inside and out.



A choice in leather

You can now choose from six genuine leathers, each sourced from Horween®, one of America’s most prestigious tanneries, and hand-treated to retain their rich, natural qualities. Now available in red leather.



Real wood Authentic style

Every phone has a unique wood grain pattern. We use real wood from responsibly managed forests, as certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®.



A pure Android experience

Moto X runs the latest version of Android OS, free from unnecessary software skins. With quick access to the latest updates, you always enjoy the best Android experience. Learn how to get a pure Android experience with unlocked, no contract Moto phones.



More power to you

With the latest Qualcomm® Snapdragon™, quad-core processor, Moto X responds faster than ever with less drain on the battery. Seamlessly switch back and forth between your favorite apps and scroll through web pages easily.



More storage, more possibilities with 64 GB

Bring your music library with you to listen offline. Take more photos and videos. Play the latest games. When you upgrade to 64 GB of storage*, you’ll have room to grow.



Choose the best shot

Launch your camera with just a twist of your wrist. Moto X takes multiple pictures before and after you even touch the screen, so you can choose the best shot.



Name it Moto X or Shirley It’s your choice

Create your own voice prompt, like “What’s up Moto X.” Then ask questions, set reminders or get directions. You’ll have the world at your fingertips and won’t even need to use them. Learn how.



Control your favorite apps

Use your voice to post to Facebook, pause a YouTube video or send a message with WhatsApp.



Adapts to you, not the other way around

Moto X knows when you want to be hands free (say, when you’re driving) and when you want it to be silent (like when you’re in a meeting).



Respond naturally

A simple wave of your hand silences calls or snoozes alarms. And even when your phone is asleep, it displays notifications and updates without disrupting what you’re doing.



Choose your look

Choose from 27 back finishes, ranging from colorful hues to deep wood grains and genuine leathers. Have your name or a message laser etched. There are thousands of ways to make your Moto X unique.



Make it yours

Choice is more than just having different products. It’s being given choices in how you use them.